Holy Bible vs Story Bible


Sunday was a great start to the new series. After everything was done, almost all the kids came up to me, patted me on the back, shook my hand, and told me how we were right on, with what they wanted to learn… Ok, so I made the story up, but don’t we all wish that we would get that kind of feedback from the kids at times? So later on that Sunday, a parent told me a story of how her daughter ran into her bedroom, pulled out her bible, and was frantically looking for Hebrews 4:12 (verse for the series), but couldn’t find it because it was a story bible with cartoons and not actual verses.

Wow, this story shook me. You see, it’s inside of them. These kids know that the word of God is living and powerful, and even if they don’t jump for joy every time they see a bible, I’m sure something is happening inside.

With this new lesson, we have a few challenging objectives. We will need your help with these.
By the end of this series…
– we want every kid to begin to bring a bible to church every week
– we want to hear about more kids reading their bibles for themselves at home
– we want kids to know how to find any verse in the bible
– we want every kid to know all of the books of the bible by heart

We understand that this is a shift of the norm, but like that little girl, we pray that every kid will find a new love for their bible.

On behalf of our Genesis Kids staff, volunteers, and myself, thank you for the privilege of serving your kids and partnering with you to teach them God’s word.

Carlos Lopez

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2 thoughts on “Holy Bible vs Story Bible

  1. hahaha the first fews lines are pretty funny! and the story of the little girl is pretty amazing. You guys are doing an incredible job back there and I am so excited to see the great things God is going to do through the kids ministry 🙂

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